Marlene (mar48) wrote in iworkatborders,

So what do you really think about A Reliable Wife? And another depressing link...

Just what we need, more customer complaints about stock that we don't have...Well, at least the Big Bomb RPL is in line with other retail outlets...sort of. kind of. but not really at all...

And yeah, I'm into about chapter 4 of A Reliable Wife, but not because I want to, but because I got written up for not selling enough of the book, and well, I figured that it would be easier to push it if I knew what it was about...and I'm not terribly impressed. Neither of the two main characters are sympathetic, and Ralph's obsession with sex seems odd to me. It's probably because i'm mainly a sci-fi nerd, but I do have a liberal arts degree which did include reading some classical literature, so I have read other styles of literature before...I just don't enjoy the book. *sigh* Wish AA would at least force an enjoyable book down our throughts...
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