bordersscrwdme (bordersscrwdme) wrote in iworkatborders,

This Borders Employee Did NOT Get Paid

Don't know if this has happened to any other Borders employees, but I did not get paid last Friday (July 29). My last work date was July 12 and it was suppose to be my final paycheck, but it never showed up at the store or my house. I confirmed the store turned in my hours.  I've contacted Borders HR several times through different avenues, and nothing has happened. I can't even get them to return my phone calls any more. Has this happened to any other current or former Borders employees? What recourse do I have if Borders refuses to pay me? And maybe this is a warning to other Borders employees - maybe you shouldn't make any firm plans for that final paycheck, because they may screw you like they apparently have me.

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