smallbluebook (smallbluebook) wrote in iworkatborders,

Report from the Frontline

In a BSS that is doing really well numbers wise for this whole process. Figured I'd give my POV, test the waters for what else is going on out there.

It took a while but we are finally getting those massive daily shipments our liquidator promised us at the beginning. As I said the other day, we started getting pallets from the return center (or possibly product that didn't sell from stores that closed in an earlier round).  We are also getting product from the warehouses still--the boxes are no longer sorted, except for bargain. Not really surprised, but as someone who was never so quick with the sorting to begin with, well, its a good thing I only have to worry about general vicinity now.

Getting huge deliveries from the liquidators of 'augment' product: candles, perfume, blankets, stuffed animals, puzzles, games, toys, ugly bags, Vera Bradley...?

Our Liquidator still expects us to keep up displays--better sales numbers for him. At first it was really hard to even pretend to care, but now its something to do as the thing that ate up most of my time in the store (customer service) is completely moot.

We are starting to get customers from further away. Its been a long time since I've seen most of our regulars.

We are sort of adjusted to this new routine now. Its easy to loose myself in the routine and forget for a moment here and there that this really is the wind down. The fact that 325 means three lindor balls in a register is about to become a completely obsolete piece of information.

How is everyone else faring? 
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