A year has flown by

It will be a year that the announcement that Borders will close down-in fact this week. So what have you guys been up to? What has your store been turned into? Do you still see your former coworkers? Lastly, does anyone come on this site anymore. It's sad. I miss you Borders.

Ex-Employee Writes Book about Borders Going Out of Business!

Hi all!

I wrote a book about our beloved bookstore going out of business! It's called Sold Everywhere But Borders. It's a testament to what we all went through as employees during liquidation!

Check it out at my website everywherebutborders.com! Order a copy direct from the publisher, or you can get it on Amazon, BN, or BAM.com!

I hope you all enjoy it and can relate to it!

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So, where are people working now?

I'm interested to hear from my former co-workers, if you've moved on to a new job, what are you doing? I obviously wont ask if its better than Borders, but how much better than Borders is it?

In my case, I'm working in Wireless Sales for one of the Big 2 companies. Compared to Borders, it's AWESOME!!. The money is almost triple, the people aren't disgruntled from being beaten down by sorry managers, and the company actually trusts you and gives you responsibility! Imagine that! Training, 401K match, tuition reimbursement, it's like working for a real company!

Anyway, where are YOU now?


I know it's not yet the end of January, but can anyone verify that they will be mailing out W-2s this year? Or are they only accessible on The Work Number?

One Really Good Final Post

This blog needs one really good final post to send it into the sunset…and before you ask, "no"…this isn't it ;)

I will put forth the second-to-last post, though: "What's your old Borders store now?"  That is, what happened to the building?  Mine looks like it's been rented by a seasonal Christmas store.