BN's opt out e-mail.

Dear Borders Customer,

My name is William Lynch, CEO of Barnes & Noble, and I'm writing to you today on
behalf of the entire B&N team to make you aware of important information regarding your Borders account.

First of all let me say Barnes & Noble uniquely appreciates the
importance bookstores play within local communities, and we're very
sorry your Borders store closed.

As part of Borders ceasing operations, we acquired some of its assets
including Borders brand trademarks and their customer list. The subject
matter of your DVD and other video purchases will be part of the
transferred information. The federal bankruptcy court approved this sale
on September 26, 2011.

Our intent in buying the Borders customer list is simply to try and earn
your business. The majority of our stores are within close proximity to
former Borders store locations, and for those that aren't, we offer our
award- winning NOOK™ digital reading devices that provide a bookstore
in your pocket. We are readers like you, and hope that through our
stores, NOOK devices, and our online bookstore we can win your trust and provide you with a place to read and shop.

It's important for you to understand however you have the
absolute right to opt-out of having your customer data transferred to
Barnes & Noble. If you would like to opt-out, we will ensure all
your data we receive from Borders is disposed of in a secure and
confidential manner. Please visit before October 15, 2011 to do so.

Should you choose not to opt-out by October 15, 2011, be assured your
information will be covered under the Barnes & Noble privacy policy,
which can be accessed at B&N will maintain any of your data according to this policy and our strict privacy standards.

At Barnes & Noble we share your love of books — whatever shape they
take. We also take our responsibility to service communities by
providing a local bookstore very seriously. In the coming weeks,
assuming you don't opt-out, you'll be hearing from us with some offers
to encourage you to shop our stores and try our NOOK products. We hope
you'll give us a chance to be your bookstore.

William Lynch


Oh cock.

Judge approves B&N purchase of Borders customer list; Borders gift cards expire shortly

It's official: Borders to Sell Intellectual Property to Barnes & Noble

with some conditions:
All former Borders’ customers will be told by e-mail that they can choose not to have personally identifiable information transferred with the sale, Borders’ lawyer Andrew Glenn, said in court today. Otherwise, all data, regardless of when it was collected or whether customers previously opted not to share it, will be transferred to Barnes & Noble, with the exception of video titles.

An ad will also be placed in USA Today to publicize the opt-out program, Andrew Glenn said. Barnes & Noble agreed to purge any information for which it has no commercial use.

USA Today is a puzzling choice for a place to put the ad, since Borders customers are generally intelligent people who read well above the second-grade level.

Also, it looks like is preparing to shut down. It currently has a notice that Borders gift cards are valid through 10:30 pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 27. The $99 sale on Kobo Touch eReaders (lilac color only) also ends on September 27.

Shooting Myself

Sooooooo in the big pre "are we or aren't we going under" confusion that went on a few months back (oh how I laughed at those who had any doubt or held out hope) I screwed up royally by not putting my last offically paycheck that was actually FROM Borders in the bank (long story short I had a relative that died and in the ensuing chaos it got lost in the shuffle - partner takes care of a lot of things for me so I was ok) so now I have an uncut check on my hands. 

So how about it folks? Am I completely screwed? I did put in those hours so it would be nice to actually get my pay for them. Is there still a number I can call or is my ass gone?

Borders asset sale to B&N delayed due to customer privacy concerns

Reuters: Borders' IP sale to Barnes & Noble on hold
(Reuters) - Borders Group Inc's plan to sell customer information to former rival Barnes & Noble Inc hit a snag on Thursday when a judge raised questions about the company's privacy policy.

Bankruptcy Judge Martin Glenn said at a hearing he needed more time to decide whether the policy covers longer-standing customers and whether certain customers must give their consent before the sale can close.
While Borders' current privacy policy, implemented in May 2008, makes clear customer information can be sold, questions remain as to whether customers who joined Borders' database before then are subject to the policy and whether they must consent to a sale.

A third-party ombudsman issued a report concluding that certain customers must be given the choice to opt out of the sale.

[For reference: privacy policy, dated May 27, 2008]

What did people make?

Now that it is over, I'm curious what the various positions made on average.  Anyone know baseline salaries for Sales Managers, General Managers, and District Managers?  Were they different based on cost of living?